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  • The Finest
                Rock Climbing Hammer in the World
  • Chrome-Moly Steel
  • Hand Crafted
  • Hickory Handle
  • Reinforced Handle
  • Leash Cord
  • Solid Construction
  • Balanced


The first 23 DAMMERRs were mounted on handles from various manufactures. Most of
these were wood but a few were mounted on fiberglass handles. The wood handles all
had to be modified by turning down the end on a lathe to fit into the heads. I didn't like
to wood handles I could find because the only handles I could find that were fat enough
at the head end to fill the hole in the head were mallet handles and the cross section of
the grip was nearly round. A round handle section does not give feedback about which way
the head is pointed. Although functionally fiberglass handles may be the best, I think they
 are ugly and they are a pain to mount on the heads and get everything square.

I decided to make my own handles out of hickory. I got a big slab of hickory and ripped it
down into 1 inch thick strips. The strips were cut to rough length and then a handle was
shaped from each piece after aligning the handle pattern to the grain as best I could. The
shape was cut out on a trimming router bit using a template. The edges were then
rounded with a round over router bit. Lastly, the the handle was mounted in a lathe to
 make the round part that fits into the head.

YouTube Planing the handle to thickness

YouTube Shaping the handle

YouTube Rounding the handle

YouTube Turning the handle

One DAMMERR handle has broken in service which was very upsetting. I don't know exactly why it
broke but it is possible that I damaged it when pressing the head on and the wedge in. I recall
getting one hammer misaligned in the press but don't know if it was the one that broke.
A PDF discussion of handle strength is here:


The latest modification was to ream out the head so I can fit a steel tube into the head and
over the handle making an extra strong and robust handle. I call this the “Iron Bound”
handle. I also made one with a steel collar to protect against miss strikes which I call
the “Klutz” handle.

#'s 25, 26, 27 & 28 on shop made handles

#31 with reinforced handle

#31 with reinforced handle

#37 with a protective steel collar below the head, the Klutz

Fiberglass handles cost ~$10-15 but are hard to find. Ordered from websites often take 3-4 weeks
 since they usually drop ship them and they can't find them either. What you want is Nupla part number 59853
 or product number A8513 which is a 13" handle that is 0.85" in the large dimension of the cross section.
 It has the regular grip not the weird grip that the Omega Pacific hammer uses.
They are a pain and somewhat tricky to put on.

#25 fitted with a fiber glass handle

I have some heat shrink handle grip which I think is really great. It is very grippy
even when wet. It won't last forever but should last longer than tape. If you get
a DAMMERR, ask me to put some on the handle to try out.

Shrink Grip
Shrink grip handle wrap

DAMMERR #14 on an early wood handle with a Chouinard hammer for comparison

Hickory slab

1-3/4 inches thick