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  • The Finest
                Rock Climbing Hammer in the World
  • Chrome-Moly Steel
  • Hand Crafted
  • Hickory Handle
  • Reinforced Handle
  • Leash Cord
  • Solid Construction
  • Balanced


After making 5 DAMMERRs, I changed the pick from a pyramidal shape to one with radiused
faces. All the radiuses are roughly 6 inches and are created using a circle cutting jig on a vertical
band saw. I made 11 of these heads and then further modified the shape by creating a 1 inch
radius hook on the underside of the pick. The 1 inch radius is simply hand
shaped on a spindle sander.

Three “Stubbie” heads were created. These have a 6” radius on all four side of the pick and is
a lighter version of the curved head. These are how I get rid of a piece of steel that is too
short to made a full sized head.

There is a steel spring pin that provides extra security holding the head on. The steel pin
 passes through the head, the handle and the wedge. On the handles that are reinforced with a
 steel tube, the pin also passes through the steel tube. In the drawings below, the hole for the pin is shown
offset towards the handle, later heads have the hole centered so it has better connection with the wedge.

All the heads have been made of 4140/4142 steel square bar stock. They have been hardened by
 oil quenching from 844 °C and tempered at 316 °C for a final hardness of Rockwell C50

YouTube, Quenching heads

Head 1

First DAMMERR head

Head 2

Second type DAMMERR head

Head 3
Third type DAMMERR head

DAMMERRs #9 and #13, 13 has a "Stubbie" head and a fiberglass handle

DAMMERR heads 26 through 31

DAMMERR 39 with pin centered in head and "Iron Bound" handle